Order Thanksgiving

Chat About Thanksgiving!

You’ll be the best, freshest free range turkey a chef, fanatic for excellence, can source. Then you’ll be brined for 72 hours (yes, 72 hours!),  in our house propriety blend of spices, including cloves, mustard seed, black pepper, bay leaf and cinnamon. Then, you’ll be smoked over applewood for three hours, until you reach perfection. We promise you’ll be beloved, cherished and remembered throughout the year.

You won’t be all alone this holiday. You’ll have lots of delicious company. Autumn Squash Soup, the color of changing leaves. Challah Stuffing with mushrooms and sage. The kind of mashed potatoes you’ve been craving and never get. Roasted heirloom carrots with honey and rosemary. Santa Monica Farmers Market Big Salad, fresh, green, deep green, like you can only find in California. Sour Dough Rolls, artisan bakery incredible.

As a turkey surrounded by all this overflowing delicious abundance, you could never be prouder of what you’ve become. And what you will mean to so many.

And don’t forget dessert!

Traditional American Pecan and Pumpkin Pies, from the hand crafted artisan pie shop, Simple Things. The only kind we would consider.

And now that we are at the end, allow us to tell you how to begin Thanksgiving.

Class it up with Caviar.

Siberian and Osetra Caviar from the pristine cold spring waters of Poland, the caviar of the most sophisticated Caviar connoisseurs.