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Wexler’s Caviar is some of the finest in the world. Sourced from 4th generation Caspian Sea sturgeon and raised in the pristine cold spring waters of Poland, it is second to none. Our sturgeon are hand farmed in a sustainable environment free from antibiotics and GMO feed. The beautiful roe is natural and does not use colorings or flavorings. This high quality Caviar is produced throughout the year and is never pasteurized so that it is fresh, pure, and vibrant. All of our Caviar is true Malossol and always uses less than 5% natural sea salt. Raising the finest fish is only part of what makes Wexler’s Caviar so pristine, the real art is in the process.


All Wexler’s Caviar is managed and processed by the prestigious Shilat team. These highly trained artisans have overseen Iranian Caspian Caviar production for decades. With this kind of craftsmanship and dedication along with the authentic Caspian Technique applied by our salt masters, we are able to provide fresh, hand crafted Caviar that resembles wild Caspian Caviar in every way. Superior quality fish along with the top processing methods and artisan care allows us to offer the finest Caviar experience.

WEXLER’S RUSSIAN OSETRA | Medium-Large platinum pearls, with a smooth pronounced flavor

This selection is 100% pure breed Russian Sturgeon (Acipencer Gueldenstaedtii, lat.) that is processed with fine sea salt and the highest quality Russian Sturgeon Roe, resulting in a clean and fresh taste that provides a hint of the sea and a delightful velvety smooth finish and delicate texture. The fish are farmed in only the freshest, ice cold spring waters in Poland. What makes this caviar unique is the clear source of water that the fish are raised in. The water comes from ice cold underground springs, that in turn makes the caviar taste very clean and rich. The pearl is well defined with excellent pop.

WEXLER’S IMPERIAL SIBERIAN | Medium black/gold pearls, creamy in texture, crisp in flavor

Our Wexler’s Imperial Siberian is produced from pure bred Siberian Sturgeon, Acipencer Baerii. This caviar has medium dark pearls that are creamy in texture, with a crisp and nutty taste. Raised in the same ice cold spring water as our Russian Osetra, This Caviar is pure, clean, and delicious. Its pronounced flavor is prized by many Caviar connoisseurs as it is very similar to wild Sevruga Caviar.

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