LA Times: Wexler’s Deli

LA Times

Finally ready to open at Grand Central Market
By Russ Parsons

Micah Wexler’s long-awaited bid to remake the great Jewish deli will be opening Monday in the heart of downtown’s Grand Central Market.

Wexler’s Deli will feature bagels and sandwiches starring meats and fish cured in-house and breads and bagels baked according to specification. Prices range from $3 to $9 for bagels, depending on whether you get just plain cream cheese or add house-cured lox or smoked sturgeon.

Sandwiches are in the $9 to $11 range and feature house-cured corned beef and pastrami as well as roast turkey and egg and tuna salads. For homesick New Yorkers, there will also be black-and-white cookies, chocolate phosphates and chocolate egg creams.

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NY Times: Everything New Is Old Again

New York Times Article

The New Golden Age of Jewish-American Deli Food

May 27, 2014 By Julia Moskin

Artisanal gefilte fish. Slow-fermented bagels. Organic chopped liver. Sustainable schmaltz.

These aren’t punch lines to a fresh crop of Jewish jokes. They are real foods that recently arrived on New York City’s food scene. And they are proof of a sudden and strong movement among young cooks, mostly Jewish-Americans, to embrace and redeem the foods of their forebears. That’s why, at this moment in 21st-century New York, the cutting edge of cuisine is the beet-heavy, cabbage-friendly, herring-loving diet of 19th-century Jews in Eastern Europe. Read more