Eater.com: Never Start a Road Trip Without Deli Sandwiches

New foods aren’t the only reason to travel, but they’re perhaps the most compelling. In Open Road, a new eight-part series from Eater, brother and sister duo Fernando and Bricia Lopez take a culinary-themed road trip from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico, with plenty of stops for great meals in between. Read more

Wexler’s Deli Review: LA WEEKLY: A Fine Chef Comes to Grand Central Market

By Besha Rodell

Sometimes it can feel difficult in L.A. to combine the physicality of the city with an incredible eating experience the way you might in, say, Rome or Manhattan: a magnificent pasta dish in an ancient square, or a midnight slice of pizza, grabbed from a window with the city streets thrumming all around you. But a Wexler’s lox bagel at the counter of G&B with a very good macchiato and the sights and sounds of Grand Central Market is just such a moment, one where Los Angeles and its flavors meld into something amazing. Read more

LA Times Jonathan Gold: Wexler’s Deli makes a grand addition to downtown’s Central Market

By Jonathan Gold

Micah Wexler first came to attention as the chef at Mezze, up in the old Sona space on La Cienega Boulevard, and in his stint at the short-lived restaurant he redefined what Middle Eastern food might be, garnishing braised tripe with nuggets of crunchy falafel, drizzling labneh onto foie gras and splashing manti with spiced almond milk. It was only after several months that a lot of people realized his inspiration was at least as deeply rooted in Jewish cooking as it was in the cuisines of Israel’s neighbors, and his delicatessen Sundays, based on the food he grew up eating in Los Angeles, were sold out long in advance.

So it perhaps makes sense that he opened Wexler’s Deli in the newly revivified Grand Central Market downtown, a delicatessen reborn in a civic space that hasn’t seen decent pastrami in years. Read more

LA Weekly: 10 Best Pastrami Sandwiches in Los Angeles

By Rachael Narins

Finding a pastrami sandwich to eat in Los Angeles has never been a challenge. From Boyle Heights to Tarzana, there are burger stands, dedicated pastrami shacks and classic delis, all offering sandwiches made with the salty smoked meat. Lately, with a renewed interest in all things house-made, you can also sample the Jewish staple in more unexpected places, like chef-driven restaurants.

Pastrami is the pinnacle of cured meats. Brisket of beef is salt-brined, spiced, hot smoked, chilled, steamed then sliced and served. The multiple steps were devised before refrigeration, and ensure it comes out transformed, tender and flavorful. The version most of us know and love is the unique creation of the Romanian-Jewish immigrants of New York. Read more

LA Weekly: 10 Best Places in L.A. for Smoked Fish

By Jared Cowan

1. Wexler’s Deli
“All of the flavors in this place are all based on that food memory stuff,” said chef and co-owner of Wexler’s Deli, Micah Wexler. Wexler’s is the new kid on the block in the Jewish deli arena. A concept developed by Wexler along with co-owners, Mike Kassar and David Sanfield, Wexler’s Deli is a 10-seat counter establishment, which opened just a few weeks ago in downtown L.A.’s popular Grand Central Market. Read more

LA Times: Chef of the moment

Pastrami king Micah Wexler of Wexler’s Deli
By Jenn Harris

It’s hard to find someone as dedicated to pastrami as Micah Wexler, co-owner and chef of the newly opened Wexler’s Deli at Grand Central Market in downtown L.A.

The former chef of the now-closed Mezze restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard, who also spent time as the sous-chef at Craft and chef de partie at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, has turned his attention to cured and smoked meat, fish and bagels.At Wexler’s Deli, he is slicing up thick slabs of spiced pastrami and smearing bagels with cream cheese and house-smoked sturgeon. He’s created an old-school deli menu with corned beef, roast turkey, egg salad, tuna salad and a hat tip to Brooklyn with chocolate egg creams. Read more

Los Angeles Magazine: Now That’s a Sammie

Wexler’s Deli Opens at Grand Central Market Next Month

A new Grand Central deli turns back the clock
Posted on 2/25/2014 By Ed Leibowitz

At the now-shuttered Mezze on La Cienega Boulevard, chef Micah Wexler served Middle Eastern entrées with a personal spin. At Wexler’s Deli, his ten-seat counter stall opening this March at downtown’s Grand Central Market, he’ll go to his traditional Jewish roots. “For my own taste, I don’t want to have a duck pastrami sandwich,” Wexler says. “I want to have the classic stuff. So at the end of the day, the response I want when you eat the pastrami is, ‘Wow, this is the best pastrami sandwich I ever had!’ Not, ‘This is the most interesting pastrami sandwich I ever had.’  ” Read more

Los Angeles Magazine: How to Make Wexler’s Deli Pastrami Sandwich in 8 Simple Steps

We deconstruct Micah Wexler’s “O.G.” pastrami at Grand Central Market

May 15, 2014 by Garrett Snyder

To put a spin on the famous Carl Sagan quote, if you would like to make a pastrami sandwich from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

That’s not to say that former Mezze chef Micah Wexler and his team at Wexler’s Deli are inventing the cosmos at their new-wave Jewish delicatessen inside Grand Central Market, but in deli terms they may be closer to it than anyone else in town (other than the grad students at CalTech, perhaps).

Order “The O.G.” ($10) and you’ll experience the pastrami sandwich—first brought to New York by Jewish-Romanian immigrants in the 1870s—in its purest, most elemental form: two slices of fresh-baked rye bread, house-cured and smoked pastrami, and a generous swipe of mustard. That’s all, baby. Read more

Urban Daddy: Hello Deli

Pastrami and Egg Creams at Grand Central Market

A brief, highly personal history of your sandwich milestones:Your first PB&J with the crusts left on.

That dalliance you had with a brooding “sandwich artist” in high school.

And Monday, when you go see Mezze’s chef piling his pastrami between two slices of bread.

That will happen at Wexler’s Deli, an authentic Jewish deli where former Mezze/Craft chef Micah Wexler cures meats, smokes fish and revives your grandparents’ favorite soft drinks, opening Monday in Downtown. Read more

Zagat: Wexler’s Deli at Grand Central Market

By Lesley Balla

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The Gist: As part of the historic Grand Central Market’s ongoing revitalization, chef Micah Wexler is now smoking meats and fish at Wexler’s Deli, his version of an old-school deli. The menu is small and focused, but there’s everything from bagels to black-and-white cookies, pickles made in-house, egg salad, roast turkey sandwiches and more.

The Vibe: The white tile-lined counter gets pretty full during peak lunch hours, with everyone from local loft dwellers to worker bees and regular market-goers filing in for sandwiches. The old building isn’t air conditioned but because Wexler’s is right in the middle, a breeze tends to blow through from Broadway to Hill making it rather pleasant.
Read more