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Old School Deli Soul Food

Wexler's Deli stands for three things: tradition, craftsmanship, and quality. Born of a desire to serve classic Jewish deli food made by people who care, Wexler's uses old-school methods to hand craft our pastrami and smoked salmon. After curing in a special blend of salt and spices, our meats and fish are slowly smoked in house over apple wood and sliced by hand in front of your eyes. Our pickles don't come from a jar; we barrel ferment them in salt brine. This is the real Jewish soul food. Just ask our family.

“We Smoke Our Meat And Fish In House Everyday”

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In the press

  • Wexler’s Deli Review: LA WEEKLY: A Fine Chef Comes to Grand Central Market

    LA Weekly

    By Besha Rodell

    Sometimes it can feel difficult in L.A. to combine the physicality of the city with an incredible eating experience the way you might in, say, Rome or Manhattan: a magnificent pasta dish in an ancient square, or a midnight slice of pizza, grabbed from a window with the city streets thrumming all around you. But a Wexler’s lox bagel at the counter of G&B with a very good macchiato and the sights and sounds of Grand Central Market is just such a moment, one where Los Angeles and its flavors meld into something amazing. Read more